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Il Portale di Genova is a startup born in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, by two Genoese entrepreneurs. Thanks to the intense push towards digitalization caused by the pandemic, the idea of develop a digital showcase of the complex of large and small businesses located in the Genoese territory.


The digital showcase is a system that offers users a 360-degree view of the entire Genoese entrepreneurial basin, integrating different types of companies, from family-run businesses to large companies. The user is able to find the activity sought, comfortably from home in just three clicks, thanks also to the search bar located at the top right, and thanks to the convenient division by product sections .

Soon the Portal will also be available on the App for mobile , and new technologies will be implemented in order to promote offers and discounts also on the consumer side.


The startup favors a local low-cost B2B (business to business) trade, thanks to discounts and promotions that can be activated on the site, eliminating the use of large multinationals and bringing with it loyalty and loyalty for Genoese consumers.

Firstly, the main purpose is to provide brand awareness to the various companies included on the Portal thanks to a solid identity on the web, and secondly, to create interaction and mutual help between them in a delicate historical period.

Thanks to our web platform, the common enemy of our daily life, time, will be defeated, allowing us to simplify and reduce the search time for all our daily needs, such as a doctor, a plumber, a pizzeria, a car repairer and all the various needs.


The startup  offers the possibility for any business to become part of our digital reality through the purchase of various packages of various prices , within which promotional videos and photo books can be inserted.

It is also possible to choose the option of mere management of the various social media .

La TESSERA è stata progettata per creare un incentivo nell'acquistare nelle ATTIVITA’ DI GENOVA!

Ogni azienda aderente alla tessera offrirà a tutti i privati delle scontistiche, promozioni e omaggi per limitare il più possibile l'utilizzo delle grandi catene!

In this section we want to offer tourists all possible services to make a holiday an unforgettable memory.


What can we do to make this happen?

Trying to guess and organize all that series of services necessary to ensure that the tourist's demand is satisfied by the operator.

Inside you will find all the activities for a holiday that runs smoothly and happily. Itineraries, places to visit, museums and all attractions etc. will be displayed on our platform.

In this section we want to offer the user the opportunity to view our latest blog articles, where the new entries in the Portal will be written. In addition, there will also be a FORUM where each user after registering can write any questions or clarifications.

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