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DALF  CARNI is an important Genoese company recognized nationally in the processing and marketing of meat.

Passion born in 1964 by Angelo Garbarino who had started his business with the LINO CARNI company,   and shared by his son Luca with whom, in 1991 he founded DALF srl.


Current activity: the activity of the DALF to date  MEAT is divided on two fronts:

  1. Industrial production and transformation:

all our processes take place in the two CE accredited factories located in piazzale Bligny 2 (formerly the Ca 'De Pitta market area) on an area of about 4000 square meters. All processes are protected by controlled and certified procedures using an internal "Quality Office" directed by a specialized Biologist.

Monthly  we process and market around 250 tons of meat.

Our goal is to guarantee its customers the best of Italian and world meat production.

This allows us to be important suppliers of large companies scattered throughout the national territory that use our services on a daily basis.

In fact, for many years, DALF CARNI has been a supplier of the most important companies in the Collective Catering, Cruise sector and HORECA in general, supplying them with meat for the preparation of about 300,000 weekly meals, divided between School, Hospital, Business and catering.  


  ​ 2.  The retail outlets:

about 15 years ago, adjacent to the factory in Piazzale Bligny, we opened the first retail store.

The commercial formula adopted, QUALITY AT WHOLESALE PRICES, immediately met with the consent of our customers, so much so that a few years later we were encouraged to open other branches scattered throughout the Genoese territory.

To date there are six stores but we have in   plans for another four openings by the end of 2021.


Our strengths:


  1. professionalism (we invest a lot in training) and courtesy of our staff.

  2. Unrivaled value for money

  3. Wide and constant assortment 



VENUE : Piazzale Bligny 2 (Molassana)

TELEPHONE: 010 83 86 191


BRANCH : Via San Martino 146 / 148r (San Martino)

TELEPHONE: 010 47 11 342


BRANCH : Via A.Catalani 48r (Sestri Ponente)

TELEPHONE: 010 47 11 650


BRANCH : Corso Martinetti 50r (Sampierdìarena)

TELEPHONE: 010 46 38 48

BRANCH : Via Carlo Rolando 178r (Sampierdarena)

TELEPHONE: 010 41 97 18


BRANCH : Via Asolone 32r (Bolzaneto)

TELEPHONE: 010 30 30 961


BRANCH : Via Rossini 16r (Rivarolo)